A Letter to the Government

Dear Government,

As theft (tax, to use your word) season comes to a close, the existing arrangement between you and I has recently been at the forefront of my mind. Looking back over my year’s W2’s, and contemplating the amount of money you’ve taken from me, I couldn’t help but write to express my displeasure with our situation and to insist upon an alternative.

The current arrangement is such that all in, you receive AT LEAST 40% of my income. The services, and the quality thereof, which you “provide” in return are not adequate to meet my value demands based upon what I could pay for similar services on the market. I require a change to this arrangement.

I will hereby be opting out of all of your services. You can cross me off your list of future Social Security recipients. Don’t ever worry about me asking for medicare, medicaid, food stamps, section 8, cell phones, unemployment assistance, police, fire protection, or anything else that you seek to provide. I will make all of the appropriate arrangements, enter into the necessary contractual agreements, and purchase the necessary insurances to substitute for all forgone governmental services.

In addition, I have no interest in funding your military. It is clear that your wars abroad are immoral. They do not provide me with any additional safety, nor are my freedoms furthered through them. I do not want to be any peripheral part of the killing of innocent people. I am also not afraid of invasion – neither in the imminent nor the distant future. If my opinions on this matter change and I do become fearful of some kind of invasion, like in the paragraph above, I will make the appropriate arrangements, etc.

Despite the fact that I will be relieving myself of any and all services you have previously provided, I will still be sending to you, on a monthly basis, 6% of my income. The reason for this is that I am sure that I will occasionally find myself driving on government roads.  Although I wholeheartedly believe that the provision of roads and of transportation services in general would be better served by private industry, your monopoly on this particular service is such that at present day, my use of them is unavoidable. I believe that 6% constitutes a fee that is beyond fair, and that you are more than aptly compensated for this one particular “service”.

Please write back as soon as possible. It is my desire to move quickly on this matter, so that I may start improving my financial well being. Once I’ve done that, I’ll be able to start helping to improve the well being of others. And hey, isn’t that what all your theft (taxation) was supposedly about in the first place? Helping others?


Jared Wall