Traffic Court Letter 2

April 27, 2015

Franklin Township Municipal Court

495 Demott Lane

Somerset, NJ 08875

Re: Summons # G 197490

Dear Judge Rodriguez,

I am writing because I am insisting upon dismissal of these charges on the grounds that I am being denied my 6th amendment right to a speedy trial.

On the afternoon of April 15th, I received a call from a woman named Christina who said she was a representative of the Court. I was unable to answer her phone call because I was working. The voicemail she left instructed me to call her back (at x6261) so that she could inform me of the necessary procedure for requesting discovery.

I returned her call the following morning at approximately 8:30am. I stated that with my work schedule it was not possible for me to call during the hours available. I asked that she have the prosecutor write me a letter informing me of the procedure for requesting discovery as were your instructions the last time I was before you in court for this matter on March 17.

After that, I received no letter from the prosecutor and no return call from anyone in the Court’s office. Instead, I received a notice dated 04/16/2015 stating that my court date had been rescheduled for 05/14/2015. This is out of order as the prosecutor has yet to comply with the judge’s instructions to send me a letter with the procedure and instructions associated with requesting discovery.

Please write back to me with confirmation of the dismissal of these charges as a result of the the prosecution’s denial of my 6th amendment rights.


Jared Wall


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